About the Faery Fae Cards

Illustration From ‘Beauty and the Beast’ by Edmund Dulac (1882 – 1953 French, British)

The cards offered on this site via subscription, are small pieces of hand produced art works. Each card is a giclée print, meaning it is printed on acid free 100% cotton rag paper with archival inks. The colors are superior and long lasting. This images are uncoated and meant for light handling, as with any piece of art.

Because these are hand produced as small pieces of art, there is a limited number of these archival cards available. Also, because they are hand produced, printed and trimmed, there are small inconsistencies between individual cards, which adds their artistic uniqueness.

The writings are a collection of fae wisdoms, wordplay, reflections and sometimes whispered sweet nothings. Like the cards themselves, there is a certain randomness to the writing and poems. Together with the imagery, the words are intended to enhance one’s moments with the cards, however they are being collected or worked with.

There are a number of ways to collect or work with these cards, which may be referred to as any of the following – as blessing cards, inspiration cards, attraction cards, wild cards, meditation cards, reflection cards, wisdom cards, vision cards, oracle cards, archival cards and any other similar descriptions.

This collection of imagery is loosely categorized into six decks of 52 cards each – Blessing, Wisdom, Reflection, Inspiration, Meditation and Wild Cards, but there is overlap between the cards, meaning they can fit into multiple categories or interpretations and be used in many different ways.

‘Medeia Called Her Dragon Chariot’ by George Soper (1870 – 1942 English)

As said, there are different ways of working with these cards. They can be collected and enjoyed for their aesthetic qualities, framed for display or simply placed around for color, light and content. They can also be used to reinforce any focus as attraction or meditation cards, or simply kept hidden for the small magic they carry. As such, they can be used to enhance or strengthen fairy energy in one’s life, however that may be. As a ‘card keeper’ one assumes the ownership of a card and can share, keep or gift them as one feels or decided best to do.

Perhaps the best way to approach these cards is as a game – signing up for a subscription, receiving a set of four random cards each month and seeing how they fit into one’s life, or where they may be passed along. In any case, the cards are meant to be playful, a creative energy and visually pleasing. May they enrich your life, and add a subtle magic to infuse your day to day living with fairy magic, and to subtly remind you of and to attract creative, healing and magical energies around and about you.

The card subscriptions also make a beautiful gift to share with family or friend.

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'The Fairy Wood'
by Florence Mary Anderson
(1889 - 1945 Scottish)

‘Star Money’
by Oskar Herrfurth
(1862 – 1934 German)

by Edward Mason Eggleston
(1882 – 1941 American)

‘Angel and Fairy’
Warwick Goble
(1862 – 1943 British)

‘Pansy and the Fairies’
by Maud Tindal Atkinson
(1875 – 1954 British)

by John Bauer
(1882 – 1918 Swedish)

by Florence Mary Anderson
(1889 – 1945 Scottish)

‘Queen Mab’
by Arthur Rackam
(1867 – 1939 English)