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The Drum

The Drum

‘Golden Goddess’

Artist * (unknown ?) Published Postcard, Stengel & Co, Germany (c 1900)

Some years back in the small high desert town where I live, there was this Tibetan Monk who would walk all over town with a hand held drum and stick. When walking he would chant and bang his drum, to no-one in particular, or everyone, or to the gods or world or whatever.. He did this for some six month or maybe twelve, I am not sure because over time one just got used to it and it was always there. Only when he eventually moved on did I notice, and miss him indeed.

About the Blessings

About the Blessings

Image – Ida Outhwaite (1888 – 1960)
The Dragon Fly Fairy. Published 1926, Fairyland


May Blessing be with you,
bringing into your world
her magic of surprises,
wonderments and heartfelts
to enrich your life.

May you accept her gifts
with gratefulness, graciousness,
humbleness, and sincerity,
allowing each its own way…



Image – Ida Outhwaite (1888 – 1960)
A Fairy Frock. Published 1921, The Enchanted Forest


May Celebration fill your life,
with her joy and delight,
with happiness and laugh,
with beauty and abundance,
an overflowing cup of plenty.

May you dance, may you sing,
may Celebration fill your heart
with warm love and soft breath…



Image – Ida Outhwaite (1888 – 1960)
On Moonlight Nights They Danced. Published c. 1920’s, Australia

Beauty bless you,
behold you, become you.
May her light kindle within you
to radiate outwards with
warmth, love and compassion.

May she share her gift,
infusing you with the understanding
that all world beauty is but
a reflection of your soul’s
mirror shining out…



Image – Ida Outhwaite (1888 – 1960)
Dancing to the Piper. Published c. 1920’s, Australia


Happiness needs invitation.
Choose that which is fun,
feels good, makes you laugh,
and she will arrive at your door,
flowers in hair and hand.

Let her in, embrace her.
Let Happiness fill you…

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