‘Surrealist Fairy’
John Laurent (Published c late 1800’s)

This set of 1920’s postcards displays the work of Spanish (originally from France) photographer John Laurent. He was one of the most recognized figures in the history of early Spanish photography. Native to France, he moved to Madrid, Spain in his late twenties, where he lived and worked for the following forty-three years. In 1856, he opened a photography studio on the Carrera de San Jerónimo in Madrid and quickly established a thriving portrait / photography business, photographing prominent politicians and artists. His reputation grew as a skilled photographer and led to his appointment as ―’Photographer to H. M. the Queen ‖’.  He prominently displayed that title as his trademark until 1868 when Queen Isabella II of Spain was dethroned. This set of surrealistic photomontage postcard images are a small part of his work. Primarily he and his business photographed Spanish architecture, art and portrait photography.