‘Fairy Postcard Illustration’
Raffaele Tafuri (1857–1929 Italian)
Published (c 1900’s)

Raffaele Tafuri was an Italian painter, famous for his coastal and landscape paintings in which he specialized. He also painted figures and outdoor settings. He was known for working in a brilliant palette of colors, and expressed a personal romantic style in his work which was inherited from Neapolitan and Venetian traditions. He was born in Salerno, Italy, and developed his career in Venice. Through solo and group exhibitions and competitions, he became recognized and established as a successful artist. Other than his landscape and figure paintings, he is known for watercolors, chromolithographic prints, postcards and Christmas cards.

This collection of  postcards were done as watercolors, which was his preferred medium for the design of postcards. There is also a strong influence of Art Nouveau in this collection.