From ‘Brooke Underwood Energy

The Faeryfae website offers a wide offering of information related to the fairies, the fae and the faery. Topics include an extensive collection of artwork from the ‘Golden Age of Illustration’ (1850 – 1950) and before, fine art of fairies and fairy-esque imagery from the 1700, 1800 and 1900’s, discussion about Celtic influences, other historical references including Greece, Rome, the Nordic states, Gaul, Ireland, Britain and so forth, compilations of facts and information about fairies, references to videos and writings, stories, imaginings, definitions, links and so on. Also included in this site is the presentation of over 300 cards with positive interpretations of life values – beauty, love, freedom, bliss and similar, and written meditations on those values. The nature of the information included in this collection varies from factual to make-believe, opinion to reference, sincere to playful – basically anything that may shed light on the phenomenon of fairies and for the purpose that one may ‘do what they may’ with that information.

All this effort is basically an attempt to describe or interpret or add understanding to my personal experiences with fairy energy, something not easily shared nor explained, either to oneself or another. The primary ‘problem’ if we want to call it that, is that to experience the fae, one has to step out of the collective experience of the tribe and open up oneself to individual experience, exploration and interpretation. The tribe is the social reality that we exist in day to day, and also which defines what is real, or not, or whatnot, by collective agreement. To stand outside that dialogue, one finds oneself in a certain aloneness, a certain vulnerability where anything can happen, hidden and personal truths can be revealed, where unexplainable experiences can unfold or occur. It can all be a confusing time where trust and instinct become one’s primary tools for navigation along the way.

And then there is this video, where Brooke Underwood goes to and speaks directly from the source of things, or at least calls from much further down the road. This is a unique video to my experience, as the language she uses in her description fits so closely to my own, and I am talking about exact usage of words, not general referencing. It is the difference  between talking about something one does not know about, and stumbling over verbiage, and talking about something one intimately knows, and picking the exact right wordings, almost a unique language of the fae. So while much of the information in this (Faeryfae) site dances around the fire and points to the moon, in this video Brooke speaks a profound truth from a much closer perspective to the fae and their energies, if not directly from the center of the circle. It is not a truth for everybody, but those with direct experience of the fae will relate. Those who understand encountering the fae is as much a channelling as a sharing as a feeling as a dialogue as an arrival as a love.