‘Trade Cards, Cigarette Cards’
Produced by the British American Tobacco Company (B.A.T.) (1928)
Set of 50 cards, 2 Part series, Butterflies and Moths

Butterfly & Moth Girls, also referred to as ‘Flappers’
This set of vintage trade cards came with packs of cigarettes, and were also known as Cigarette Cards. They were published, produced by the British American Tobacco Company in 1928. There are two sets, one with butterflies and a second set with moths. Each card of the 50 cards in the series features a different butterfly girl (or moth girl) and a description about the particular (real) butterfly or moth on the reverse.

Trade cards were a common practice during the early part of the 19th century (1900 – 1930). They encouraged collecting and thence enhanced brand recognition. Arm & Hammer did a whole series of birds and flowers similar to these cards. Complete sets of these cards at auction are offered for around $100 but that is a very general figure.

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